The Best iPad to Buy in 2021 — iPad Pro vs iPad Air vs iPad 8th Generation

The Best iPad to Buy in 2021 - iPad Pro vs iPad Air vs iPad 8th Generation


In this video I’ll be going over all the iPad models out there in 2021 and which would be the best to buy right now. 00:00 Intro 00:35 iPad Mini 00:58 iPad budget 05:16 iPad Air 08:04 iPad Pro 11″ 11:57 iPad Pro 12.9″ MY FREE ONLINE COURSES: PART-TIME YOUTUBER ACADEMY: MY FAVOURITE GEAR: MY FAVOURITE SOFTWARE: My brother and I host a weekly podcast where we discuss happiness, creativity and the human condition. You can find it by searching “Not Overthinking” on any podcast app (eg: Spotify, Apple Podcasts, Google Podcasts etc). BE MY FRIEND: WHO AM I: GET IN TOUCH: PS: Some of the links in this description are affiliate links that I get a kickback from 😜


Dicey 21-06-2021 14:29
It’s giving me so much anxiety every time Ali flips and plays around with the iPad🤐
Dom Parsons
Dom Parsons 21-06-2021 14:54
Shame you ruled out the iPad Air. I have 64GB and it works fine. All of my notes are backed up on Google Drive anyway. The 60Hz display is only noticeably worse when you’re used to a 120Hz display. The power is absolutely fine for anything a student would need. Highly consider iPad Air if you are a student…
Divyanshu Chakaravorty
Divyanshu Chakaravorty 21-06-2021 21:45
He is reading my mind for sure 🙄.. i was literally searching for best ipad in 2021 for students and the video is right there nice ❤️
The Dana Yi Show
The Dana Yi Show 21-06-2021 16:38
me yesterday: «which iPad should I get?»
ali today: *this video*

Fran Y.
Fran Y. 22-06-2021 11:14
Ali: I wouldn’t recommend the iPad mini to anyone

Me watching on an iPad mini: 👁👄👁
AAdhi Medic
AAdhi Medic 21-06-2021 14:42
The base iPad doesn’t have a 64 gb version
But 64 gb is enough for student purposes
I have used the iPad Air for over 5 months and have a lot of space remaining
Garfield’s Lasagna
Garfield’s Lasagna 07-07-2021 19:59
The iPad Air is good value for money. Has almost every “pro” feature for $200 less.
Wendell Shorteyes
Wendell Shorteyes 21-06-2021 16:03
I’ve had a 64gb iPad for all 4 year of my uni course, and I’ve never used more than half
Nicole_Naiya 29-06-2021 19:47
iPad Air starts at $539 on Amazon if anyone plans on getting it. I got the 64 gig and I love it. Don’t get me wrong, I had the iPad 4th gen 64 gig from my sophomore to senior year and I took notes in almost all of my classes on it. Freshman and half of sophomore year I realized how unorganized I was because I hated taking notes on the laptop and would rather hand write them, which led to losing lots of papers all the time even with binders and notebooks. Finally Got that bad boy and I was so much more organized, went from C+s in bio 1 to A’s in orgo and biochem, A & P, and other classes with thorough mechanisms included in them. Not saying once you get one you’ll get all A’s but it’s so much easier having literally everything (your notebook, your text books, your recorder, etc.) all in one. My backpack was lighter too once I found out about library gen lol. So if you find yourself struggling with organization bc you have random paper everywhere while studying, then I highly recommend getting an iPad. And don’t pay for textbooks unless you really want to please!!! I know a lot of upcoming freshmen are looking online (the same way I did) so I hope this post helps a bit 🙂
々Abi 21-06-2021 14:09
The way You’re flipping the iPad is so satisfying
Jakub Brych
Jakub Brych 24-06-2021 19:28
Couple of things:
1. the first apple pencil comes with an adapter so you can charge it through a cable
2. The performance does matter because using bluetooth keyboard and mouse slowa the basic ones and it hiccups when you want to add bluetooth headphones
3. 64 gigs are enough for sure (5 years with 32 gigs in my ipad) as you have everything on the cloud or in your real computer
4. Counting the price with accessories is not fair as logitech makes some really good ones with much lower pricetag
5. iPad Air has the usb-C which is a big big bonus
6. Ipad air has much better sound than the basic one

The ipad pro is total overkill, ipad air is the pretty one to buy, the basic one is for students and teachers
WeebSara 22-06-2021 06:37
I wanted the Air 2020 since its announcement. When I was going to buy it, some expenses came up so I got the base iPad 8th gen to use temporarily (month or so) and then pass it onto my grandma, in order to upgrade to the Air. My idea was to get something that I could do some professional work like graphic design and video editing.

This would be my first iPad ever.

I fell in love with 8th gen — I loved the rose gold design, and I prefer a home button over FaceID (same reason why I’m still on iPhone 8+). It was hard letting go of it, but Id already promised to give it to my grandma.

I upgraded to Air and absolutely regretted it. It was way more expensive (European prices), so base Air + accessories put me over €1200. I was NOT getting the value for my money, and in many ways, the experience was worse than 8gen:
— i carry my iPad everywhere with heavy things, so not having a decent case worried the crap out of me (cheap 8th gen case i got didnt have this problem)
— i had to carry two cables (UsbC and lighting) for a power bank i had
— the screen was way more sensitive for writing on the Air compared to 8th gen, I constantly worried about damaging it
— the magnetically charged pen was a nice gimmick in the beginning, but really annoying when i didn’t use the pencil for days, and i kept losing the pen in my backpack because the magnet isnt that strong
— i constantly worried about scratches and bending because of a lack of a decent case
— Etc.

As for the «professional work», it was a disappointing experience. I use a PC for these kinds of tasks, and the pen will never be as accurate (or efficient) as a trusty mouse, keyboard and graphics tablet with shortcuts. Things that would take 10 minutes normally took 30. And not because the tablet lacked in power, but because it’s simply not as snappy and you make a lot of mistakes. Maybe with enough time, it would get better, but personally I don’t have the luxury to spend hours every day readjusting my workflow to accommodate a way-less-efficient process. So, I ditched the idea of doing professional work on the ipad.

In the end, I got a full refund for the Ipad and accessories, and bought the 8th gen 128gb (I already had the case and apple pen 1st gen from the base ipad i got).

I like the sturdiness of 8th gen, i dont have to worry if it’s going to get damaged in my backpack when im cycling or running about, and i can press harder with the pencil if i need to. Reading books on my way to work is a charm. I draw on it occasionally, and the ability to press a little harder, and to use it on the go, without worrying about damage, is amazing. I love the cutesy design of the white front and rose gold back, it has way more personality than the industrial design of more fancier iPads. And i only need one cable for on-the-go charging.

Think about what works for you, not what worked for someone else. Have a great day!
Chad Marriotti
Chad Marriotti 21-06-2021 15:07
As someone who lives the iPad only lifestyle and owns multiple iPads, I will not stand for the iPad mini slander! Haha. It’s my second favorite iPad and is a joy to use. I adore it and it should absolutely be considered among iPad choices.
Vii 03-08-2021 20:54
«Please dont get the 64gb model because it will run out of space very quickly»
Me who has the 32gb model iPad 8th gen, thinking 64gb is a luxury 😛
Mike Davis
Mike Davis 29-07-2021 04:10
I love this video, you are so right sometimes instead of the performance being big on you its really the user experience and just the joy of using the products !
Filip Sardzoski
Filip Sardzoski 21-06-2021 14:53
The 12.9 pro is still an LCD, the difference is in the backlight. That is where the MiniLED name comes from
i.m. CXS
i.m. CXS 01-07-2021 19:36
This guy graduated! Congrats guy. I remember your earlier vids when you were a med student
The Real Kaay
The Real Kaay 24-06-2021 14:19
I’m a student & i use iPad Air 4 64gb and it’s great i love it and have plenty of space left i got the air because i wanted the new style without paying so much money
Worlds Worst Musician
Worlds Worst Musician 01-07-2021 12:59
Meh, I bought the 64 gig Air, the Logitech keyboard and Logitech Crayon. I saved a ton of money and it’s awesome. I can edit 4K. Video all day long and it does everything I could ever need.
James Parsons
James Parsons 21-06-2021 14:08
Ive always found the 12.9 inch iPad slightly too big, it’s too similar to a laptop whilst not being enough like a laptop. Unless you are 100%set on the bigger screen I would recommend the 11inch
장건영 31-08-2021 18:15
This is all I need to choose my new iPad, Thank you for your perfect and compact video!
Victor Lemashon
Victor Lemashon 21-06-2021 14:11
Man’s looking like a Gymshark athlete with that fresh cut.
Meghan Workman
Meghan Workman 13-09-2021 15:55
Excellent video! This has helped me so much in deciding between the various iPad models.
crescent 1
crescent 1 26-06-2021 19:23
Me: Can’t afford a single apple product
Meanwhile: Ali complaining about apple products because there cheap like £300+
Maxim Maloshtan
Maxim Maloshtan 21-06-2021 14:11
Loving my iPad Pro 10.5″ from 2017 and don’t see any reason to upgrade from it: pro motion, small bezels (compared to ‘basic’), outstanding speakers, pencil support, great screen and performance
Billy Rwothungeyo
Billy Rwothungeyo 26-06-2021 06:48
The 1st gen Apple Pencil actually does ship with a lightning adapter for charging. Why do all tech reviewers ignore this?
Henry Webster
Henry Webster 26-06-2021 16:07
I feel like in the same way I buy procrastination stationery, Ali buys procrastination ipads. 😂🤑
Antiferno 01-07-2021 09:41
12:10 It is a mini-LED display, not an OLED display. This just means there are a lot of ‘mini led’s’ as the backlighting. This leads to more local dimming than a standard LCD screen, where as with OLED, every single pixel can be turned on or off and because of that an OLED screen has even more contrast, but it also has problems like burn-in.
Mohammad Bhatti
Mohammad Bhatti 25-06-2021 00:06
I have the budget ipad 32 gb from 2019 and Ive used it for my entire university course in engineering…. Storage wasn’t an issue but i can see that it might be for some courses like medicine that requires a lot more information to be stored
xoVolf 28-06-2021 10:10
A perfect review and comparison video, you’ve sold me on the iPad pro, thought I was sure on the Air but the 64 gb version does seem small and the upgrade puts it closer to the pro… So get the pro. You’re a lifesaver mate! Appreciate the high production quality of your video and just overall great points and ratings. Subbed!
Cass. Cassandra
Cass. Cassandra 04-09-2021 14:19
Thank you! It’s almost my birthday and I’m splitting the price with my parents, this really helped me choose which one
Rogeh 08-07-2021 22:09
Ali, respectfully this is all from the view of your workflow. I own a 12.9 iPad Pro and run my entire business off of there. I do all my music on it, my consumption, email, word processing, presentations — everything. I replaced my laptop with this, specially because I needed touch (especially pencil), portability, yet a screen big enough to properly multitask and the general versatility of an iPad. This makes it exceptional value for money for people who don’t need a computer but need a bigger screen for multitasking, art (including music) creation and power. I tried the 11 inch and it was way too small and limited my ability to do my work — therefore the value for money was a 1 star. This topic should be attacked based on what you’re using the iPad for. That way it’s a much more accurate way to measure the value for the $$ you spend on it.
Jyoti Sharma
Jyoti Sharma 21-06-2021 16:21
The first thing I thought after seeing that thumbnail is that it’s so cool Ali has 3 iPads
Whereas my broke ass is struggling to save money for 1
Ashutosh Behera
Ashutosh Behera 27-06-2021 10:29
Simply love the tricks you perform holding the pen. Awesome.
Oscar 03-07-2021 06:43
The iPad Air is by far my favorite because I think it has a nice amount of features whilst not being overkill like the pro, but I’m probably going to have to get the 8th gen just because I’m a broke college student
Isabella Charlize
Isabella Charlize 27-06-2021 22:13
the way he holds the ipads keeps me on edge 😭
Gozorp 14-08-2021 22:18
Dude be fidgeting with the damn ipads makes my heart racing
Julio Krankenhaus
Julio Krankenhaus 21-06-2021 16:37
it is always a godamn pleasure hear you talking about iPads, I don’t know why haha it always takes me back to your iPad Pro 2017 video
Iwan Sevana
Iwan Sevana 25-06-2021 14:37
Just got the budget iPad early this month. It’s just nice to have iPadOS in your Apple ecosystem. The A12 Bionic chip is more than enough for some casual media consumption and amateur musical project haha
Rachelle Alimbuyao
Rachelle Alimbuyao 09-07-2021 00:36
I survived my last 2 years of medschool and board exam review using ipad mini.
K E 29-06-2021 03:16
Thanks for the great videos. They are quite inspiring and informative. Could you please advise if you use any glass screen protector or matte film screen protector on iPad to make the note taking process better? Thanks again.
The Aviation Channel
The Aviation Channel 21-06-2021 14:36
I was literally waiting for an iPad video from you Ali! 😃👍

*Strongly considering getting an iPad for uni and flight training*
Gihan Anuradha
Gihan Anuradha 21-06-2021 16:31
I’m using the 2018 10.5″ iPad Pro and honestly, apart for that fancy lidar stuff I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything. Even the 1st generation apple pencil is not half bad except for the charging part. I’m a university student so I use GoofNotes 5, Notion, Zoom and everything that fits in that area. It doesn’t feel one bit slow or lagging. Gets the job done. 120Hz screen is amazing. Why break the bank to upgrade.
Usually Roaming Rob
Usually Roaming Rob 11-07-2021 05:38
Since I got my m1 MacBook Air, the magic keyboard case I bought for my iPad Pro 12.9 stays at home on my desk. I was initially thinking about downsizing to the 11 inch iPad as well, but I find that it’s super nice to have the iPad Pro 12.9 for sidecar and universal control coming out.
Peri 06-07-2021 03:45
Thanks for the information. What Computer would you recommend to do editing.
Stark Studio
Stark Studio 21-06-2021 17:01
for some reason, whatever you speak sound really legit & authentic. Even though you are new to the gadget review business, I find your words more trustworthy. Keep it going
Anonymous Anonymous
Anonymous Anonymous 24-06-2021 00:57
Great video. The best thing about the 12.9 inch though for me is that it’s basically the same size as an a4 piece of paper, which significantly improves the handwriting experience. Also I find the extra width makes split screen so so much better
Pokhraj Roy
Pokhraj Roy 21-06-2021 15:10
This is an iPad Pageant and I’m here for it. I love me a Tech Comparison!
Евгений 01-07-2021 17:37
A 32Gb version of the budget iPad is perfect for people like me, who has a computer and uses an iPad just for reading, writing notes & watching videos.
Deniz Ege
Deniz Ege 18-07-2021 17:12
that’s A+ economics intuition on this review