Massage Guns (DO THEY WORK?)

Massage Guns (DO THEY WORK?)


Massage guns are the new HOT item in 2020! It seems like everyone is promoting their own brand across social media…but what do they really do? Today Dr. Aaron Horschig shows a few different models, explains WHAT they do and IF you should really spend your $ on them!

TAKEAWAY: massage guns work to decrease stiffness/pain in our muscles through percussion. This tool for soft tissue mobilization can be a helpful recovery tool to effective at helping some people move better and get back to training.

My own issue with many of the massage guns is the price. If you don’t have an extra 2-3 hundred dollars to drop, don’t spend your money. Focus on the basics of recovery as these tools will not make or break you. On the other hand, if you have the $ and are serious about your recovery — this can be a good «tool in the toolbox.»

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sintiendomevivo 30-01-2020 22:36
Answer here 5:12
You’re welcome 😉
Tim B
Tim B 03-03-2021 22:19
I’ve had more relief and progress sorting out chronic issues with my glutes, hips, quads and calves in 2 days with a Theragun than I have in 18 months of stretching, massage, physio, dry needling, podiatrist, chiropractic and youtube experts put together.
Dünyadan haberin olsun
Dünyadan haberin olsun 26-01-2021 12:41
Cookies and YT recommended actually working right for a change. Thanks for the review, was just checking these out yesterday. Narrow it down and pick the Bob and Brad C2 massage gun because of the weight, noise, and price.
Chris H
Chris H 30-05-2020 10:01
I’ll agree with those that have bought cheap guns that do the job, no need to pay heaps for a brand, the cheap one I bought on eBay is still working and it definitely helps my recovery
not a human
not a human 30-07-2020 00:48
I have seen this couch before….
Jamie Fitzpatrick
Jamie Fitzpatrick 05-08-2021 09:11
What’s the best time to use these? Before a workout? After a workout? What about how to use them on rest days? My biggest question is «currently use this before workouts to loosen up, do I use this before or after my warmup?» Thanks
PatRiot 06-10-2020 13:55
Solid video I plan to get one of these asap. Had to get a spinal fusion at 18 for a horribly herniated disc due to weightlifting. I wasn’t being dumb etc. The gym had brought in bars from the squat racks to do clean and jerk on…..go figure I’m the first guy in line to try and throw it above my head with a bar that was a similar shape to a windshield wiper….. Slight curve but not particularly noticeable.
When the bar rotated at my chest- the entire bar flexed/popped in the direction of the curve (the left side moved to the rear of me and the right side moved in front of me) ending in a rotated back with 200 lbs on it. Push the bar away as i fell backwards but the damage was done on the awkward down squat…….Both legs useless 3 days later…. totally numb and in serious agony (that word isn’t used lightly)
7 Years later I am rebuilt and running pretty strong though I don’t lift the same way anymore.

Be weary of your bars. Don’t trust any bar you haven’t checked that day. I walked into a room that was setup with 20 stations to do the lifts in a «speed dating» kind of way with all the guys on the team quickly doing their max to use to compete. The biggest mistake I made was not checking the bar. The main issue is the gym was fairly low budget so unsafe equipment was used for a lot longer if the problem wasn’t affecting that lift station- until you try to use it for something else….then life altering injury.

I’m leaving this comment on a massager video- but I ended up here from mad tension that can’t be relieved by humans hands x D
Maybe one or two people check their bars and don’t get broke. Would be awesome to see less people end up like me- seriously injured while doing not doing the lift incorrectly(form/execution was not the issue as anyone around could see). Shit happens but maybe not to you after you read this 🙂
Josh Barton
Josh Barton 31-01-2020 16:04
I bough OURCAN off Amazon and I really enjoy it. I use it before I start my training and it helps me losses up before my strength training and allows me to reduce the amount of time it takes to have an effective warmup before I start to left.
NJMLDT 15-08-2020 08:12
I’m literally browsing online for this. You just earned one more subscriber!
Goldie Hoffman
Goldie Hoffman 01-03-2020 02:45
Good vid, thanks. Informative, honest, and realistic. Thx!
AlexRun 05-02-2020 12:43
I really love your content. Could you make a video about proximal hamstring tendinopathy? And is it possible to squat during the rehab ? not too deep I guess but low intensity high reps to strengthen the tendon ? thanks for what you do
Charles Michael
Charles Michael 20-08-2020 06:27
Are there any good massage guns that have plug in electric cord rather than a battery?
Alesini100 01-05-2020 06:18
Perfect timing for this review! Great content as always. Thanks so much!
Alan Anderson
Alan Anderson 30-01-2020 22:27
Can you do something like this with stem devices i.e. the Powerdot? Thanks!
Reece Bender
Reece Bender 31-01-2020 07:01
Hey Aaron, can you do a breakdown between the ones you have there and the cheaper ones that are all over the chinese import pages and popup shops? Are they worth getting as a much cheaper option? Or are they essentually just a heavy loud massage stick?
Sidore Prodüksiyon
Sidore Prodüksiyon 26-01-2021 12:41
I have Bob and Brad C2. I use everyday after my workout called the Befit got it off Amazon for a little over a hundred dollar’s its super quite powerful and comes with a case attachments and I have only charge once every week so no I don’t think you need to drop hundreds of dollars on massage gun.
Reza Shafiei
Reza Shafiei 23-06-2021 01:26
Its definitely worth the spend.. how much time and money you save on going to a masseuse! They’re awesome for recovery, lifting mood and great for circulation.
Notorious B.B.B
Notorious B.B.B 06-10-2020 12:02
Doing serious rolling is a workout in itself if you’re tight
PopPunkPoser 20-08-2020 04:02
One of the best reviews of a product I’ve seen. Well spoken, very knowledgeable and non bias. Great job!
Renato Balbuena
Renato Balbuena 31-01-2020 01:24
Desde Argentina seguimos esperando (mientras mejoramos un poco nuestro inglés je) la versión en español del canal ! Saludos !!!
Tokyolaser Japan
Tokyolaser Japan 11-01-2021 21:25
Just bought a massage gun, thanks for the video, it’s been extremely helpful 🙂
Thomas Hemming Larsen
Thomas Hemming Larsen 06-02-2020 21:21
What about recovery boots? Then you don’t have the problem of reaching all over the body (and in general easier to use) and I would think they’re more effective too.
Raphaël Ouellet
Raphaël Ouellet 11-02-2020 23:28
Should you press it as hard as you can tolerate or does a gentle pressure making the muscles move is enough?
Showemright YTchannel
Showemright YTchannel 09-04-2021 00:34
Heck Yeah they work, I have the NAIPO BRAND …this machine took away my usual after work back pain in minutes. Truly amazing, I’m glad I ordered this because I’m feeling good.
Ramirez Ojeda
Ramirez Ojeda 01-01-2021 12:09
Thank you so much! Looks quite funny those guns tough
Aaron Andrews
Aaron Andrews 02-10-2020 05:03
Jesus he said a lot of things to really say not much at all..
Stevy D
Stevy D 12-07-2020 19:18
I used this for over a month and all it did was bounce up and down. I sent it back and went back to a ball and roller. With a ball and roller you can get trigger points better. I’v been training for 10 years with a lot of pro athletes and they don’t use these.
John Pascoe
John Pascoe 31-01-2020 05:26
Is it worth spending more on the likes of the Theragun models or the cheaper ones do the same job and are reliable?
Dylon J Grzenda
Dylon J Grzenda 31-01-2020 02:04
Finally a good video about these
Angels fan
Angels fan 12-12-2020 19:24
I don’t even workout. Its just from working at the warehouse that my body aches are ridiculous. These kind of work for a while but it won’t get rid of the pain.
atomictuna578 31-01-2020 12:23
I spent $50 on an orbital buffer from Wal-Mart. Works pretty well for me.
RationalMinded 10-02-2020 16:22
Did the DYI version with a jigsaw, adapter and lacrosse ball. Much louder than theragun but just as effective IMO. These things are criminally overpriced if you’re not a chiropractor or something of that nature.
Francesco Cecco
Francesco Cecco 01-12-2020 19:17
is it just me who doesn’t want to and can’t multitask during the treatment? I wouldn’t definitely be with friends or watch a movie while operating a percussing device, I have a theragun with is very powerful and when I use it I concentrate in following the guidance and timer provided by the app.
AutoMotivate 14-04-2021 20:56
Hey Aaron!
You touched on some fantastic topics, but I have a quick question:
Could you use these guns as a warmup/rehab before workout on overactive muscles? What is your thoughts on that??
Mitchell Gainz
Mitchell Gainz 20-04-2020 18:15
Thanks for the unbiased review!
İbrahim GökdeniZ B
İbrahim GökdeniZ B 26-01-2021 12:41
i had to go thru 10 trash reviews to find this gem, your time and effort is appreciated, thank you. I pulled the trigger on this Bob and Brad because in comparison of 18 others. Thanks!
zanarkand505 08-08-2020 15:45
I just got one for 50 on Amazon. It’s amazing!
Boxwith Straight Right
Boxwith Straight Right 30-01-2020 22:18
I cycle 5 days a week, over 40k per day not including training other people and myself. It’s a good tool and helps with recovery, and the good thing now is that there are a ton of cheaper brands from China. The bad thing is that there are a lot and it’s difficult to know which brand is good!
Daniel Adamson
Daniel Adamson 14-08-2020 10:07
Can you use it on injuries? If so, would it help speed the recovery on the injury?
Hisoka107 06-02-2020 01:20
so this is a passive recovery tool and not going to make that big of an effect on the muscle tissue itself? My understanding from the video and looking at the device is that it’s similar to a TENS unit and is not making any mechanical changes to the muscle tissue length or removing trigger points
AWildBeowulf 30-01-2020 22:51
Amazon has decent massage tools like these for around $30-$40. Same percussion therapy. No need to waste tons of $ on these
Kevin Orsini
Kevin Orsini 30-01-2020 23:16
Are the benefits of using one of these percussion types greater than the vibration/massage types?
Özgün Deniz Küçük
Özgün Deniz Küçük 26-01-2021 12:37
I bought the Bob and Brad massage gun as it provides a powerful force for a deep massage. The weight of the gun is perfect and the build is very solid. The battery life is also very good on this gun compare to others.
Jeff_Lamp 25-02-2020 12:46
Great video, follow-up question, will massagers like these help with breaking up scar tissue?
reylicruz132 17-04-2020 03:51
My mom is going to think this is something else 😂
Julian McCulloch
Julian McCulloch 28-07-2021 05:58
I was expecting the negative side as well. I guess its implied
Si 04-02-2020 10:30
Just buy an adapter for your jigsaw. It’s like a Percussion Massager on steroids.
And if you have a jigsaw already, it’s basically 15$.
Michael 590
Michael 590 25-11-2020 02:22
Are massage guns any good for alleviating college and university anxiety?
Swing This Kettlebell Club
Swing This Kettlebell Club 10-02-2020 23:28
Of course they work. Question is do they work for a persons goals and with their expertise level.