Bestok CV600 Memory Card Reader for Android Devices

Bestok CV600 Memory Card Reader for Android Devices


Unpacking the Bestok CV600 Memory Card Reader for Android Devices. A closeup look and test of the USB, SD Card and Micro SD Card mobile card reader. It connects by micro USB.

Bestok CV600 Trail/ Scouting/ Game Camera Viewer SD Card and Micro SD Card Reader with Micro USB 2.0 Connector for Android Devices with OTG Function

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Jason Currie
Jason Currie 09-10-2018 21:35
Wish it was avalible in a C Type connection.
OptimisticPessimist 05-03-2020 21:55
OTG requirement frustrates me. I want to create a bootable sd card for a laptop from a smartphone I can’t find any information about relating to OTG.
glennsuki 11-01-2018 01:36
Will the import compress the photos to your phone? For example, a photo from the sd card is 12mb, after import, will the photo be full resolution (12mb), or does it compress it to like 500kb or 1mb? I want full resolution and not 500kb

Help please & reply.
shaun williams
shaun williams 17-07-2021 12:45
where can i order this from i cant find it on Amazon or ebay
Hayk Galstyan
Hayk Galstyan 18-08-2017 00:39
Can you connect sdcard and external hdd with usb same time and copy from sd card to hdd files?
M Ireland
M Ireland 26-08-2020 17:26
Hi does this work with footage aswell as photos?
Sheena Fluetsch
Sheena Fluetsch 27-03-2018 20:03
You used an app when you did this video… I wanna know what’s the app name you used… Pleaseee
iwan kurniawan
iwan kurniawan 06-01-2017 08:53
sutat when android can read sd card can i transfer that foto from sd card to my smartphone
no more sea Rev 21:1
no more sea Rev 21:1 17-12-2016 14:47
dude you need to move faster when unboxing to slow
war pig 69
war pig 69 21-02-2020 02:56
Do videos work to or no?