Audio Technica ATR-1300 Dynamic XLR Mic Review / Test

Audio Technica ATR-1300 Dynamic XLR Mic Review / Test


In this video, I review the ATR-1300, a $30 Dynamic XLR Microphone. It is a great budget option for live environments, but also performs well with an XLR to USB cable.

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camerontheDJ 27-11-2016 03:26
Hey, Podcastage. I have a Blue Icicle laying around my house. If you remember, you recommended that I use a SYBA USB sound card, so do you think the icicle would be better for my bm8000?
Bobby Boucher
Bobby Boucher 25-11-2016 18:06
Sounds amazing plugged directly into a win 10 PC. So crispy xD
Pyre with Fire
Pyre with Fire 25-11-2016 11:02
Your on fire with these reviews!
Dave Slavick
Dave Slavick 25-05-2017 14:56
Would you recommend this mic for performing (acoustic guitar and vocals) outdoors, hooked directly to a Crate Acoustic amp?
TechnoRhino 13-02-2019 17:32
Really appreciate the thoroughness and consistency of your reviews.
Linus Jade
Linus Jade 25-11-2016 13:19
Well well! Right when I updated it changed to 17.000 subs! Congrats dude, I cant wait for 20 and 50k 😀
Milind Gavkar
Milind Gavkar 01-03-2020 04:11
Thanks for wonderful review of the product! Love it! Looking to buy this mic after watching your review.
Raz Karan
Raz Karan 26-09-2018 07:40
Hey just stopped by to say thanks. Your videos are very informative and useful to people doing creative work. I appreciate it 🙂
TechReflex 14-05-2017 13:42
Wow man you really have reviews for most microphones I can think of purchasing. I really enjoy watching your videos, they are really well produced even for budget accessories like this one.
FA 07-09-2020 18:55
What a complete test. Amazing
Makka Umemori
Makka Umemori 16-11-2020 01:44
I was seriously not expecting something so direct and to the point! You’ve got my thumb and sub man!
Story Labs
Story Labs 02-08-2019 15:36
What mics do you advise for doing guest interviews over a podcast. I have a zoomh4n and I would be doing these mostly at the guest locations
Tongga 26-08-2019 16:08
Do u think the AKG D5 would be an upgrade to this?
Altho, the cardioid patterns are different.
bharat after hours
bharat after hours 19-09-2017 06:21
This or behringer xm8500 for beginner music recording in college hostel room? For vocals and acoustic guitar
KutreeZ 25-11-2016 11:18
Great review as usual
camerontheDJ 26-11-2016 22:11
You are about to hit 17k!!! You are almost there! Congrats!
Tusheel Datta
Tusheel Datta 13-07-2017 04:58
Hey, will the ATR1300 give a good sound quality for recording vocals when used with an audio interface?
camerontheDJ 26-11-2016 22:30
Nice job on 17k! I mentioned something earlier when you had 16k about 20 minutes ago, but congrats, bro!
Shriya Anupam
Shriya Anupam 06-11-2017 13:47
Great review! This one or Behringer xm8500 for singing? I record my songs on an App named Smule Sing.. My voice has a thin texture that sounds kiddish when I record a song… I want to sound better.. Can you suggest a dynamic microphone accordingly? Thanks in advance.. Waiting for a response!
Kid Scissorhands
Kid Scissorhands 22-12-2016 15:48
hey man thanks. you helped me alot. one question though, can i use this mic and connect it directly to my PC with an XLR to usb?
Canol Gökel
Canol Gökel 11-03-2017 20:50
Interesting that using XLR to XLR cable changes the gain even though phantom power is not enabled.
Добрый Негр
Добрый Негр 26-08-2019 18:18
Окей, продолжаю учить Английский…
Nerd Cotibe
Nerd Cotibe 25-11-2016 11:06
Hamit Campos
Hamit Campos 04-12-2016 03:57
Ahaahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahaha that little song ya made up was dam funny. I like this mike. I’m glad to hear that this 1 is real like the memorex I had. That thing was surious. I was surprised Target had such a pro mike. It was some karaoke mike Memorex made. Dude the gril on that thing even smelt pro. My AT 8022 when I took it out of the box had a similar smell.
Alok Dhuri
Alok Dhuri 11-01-2018 15:53
Can I directly connect XLR to USB external stereo sound card and USB connector to pc/laptop without bothering audio interface? will this work?
Myst 25-11-2016 14:54
congrats on 17k subs
Tekinette 27-11-2016 15:19
Hi, what would you suggest is a good 20-50$ unidirectional mic plugged directly into the pc, that can sit on my desk ?
ItzBooks 25-11-2016 13:51
I love this, since most people don’t really do good microphone reviews, and on the cheaper ones aswell, it’s all like $100+ ones. But i made a $4 vocal booth which i dont know if you think it is any good, its on a cideo on my channel. Keep it up man
Bálint Kinöhl
Bálint Kinöhl 25-11-2016 13:11
pls can u do a video on speedlink capo ?
mukul singh
mukul singh 17-07-2018 12:50
Which one is better atr 1300 or mb3k Audio techniqa?
Nayak 06-12-2017 20:59
This or BM 800 or shure SV 200?
Lukas Mraz
Lukas Mraz 26-11-2016 08:40
Remember your video about the CAD U37. They fix it and they published another version of it the CAD U39. It costs about 80 dollars on I tried this mic and I can say it is fixed
Kay Blood
Kay Blood 01-02-2018 16:24
Hi bro, I have a question, can we put pop filter to that mic? I heard lot of popping sound from your video. I intend to buy this mic for recording vocal.
DatNinjaGarage 01-12-2016 04:08
needs a pop filter lol
Alberto Chavez
Alberto Chavez 27-11-2016 22:31
Hey men answer quickly please what improves the bm8000 the neweer phantom power or the beringher um2 or who is better.
MassBass 19-02-2019 13:05
Love you
Deeveeus 25-11-2016 20:31
would you prefer this or the samson q2u?
2-SHA Beatbox
2-SHA Beatbox 02-05-2019 08:11
2:00 can you give the link you 1/4 to 3.5mm adapter. I want a mono one but I can only find a stereo one. Your’s is a mono one
TheEliteFilms 26-11-2016 05:35
Do you still use your blue snowball Ice? coz I can see you have alot of mics
Ali Rezaei
Ali Rezaei 29-11-2016 02:07
hey bandrew will the audio technica at2035 fit the neewer shockmount?
Vikas Kulkarni R
Vikas Kulkarni R 07-05-2018 07:49
Can you help me decide between sennheiser xs 1 or atr 1300. I need a mic for musical instruments
OMGITSTYFUDGE 30-11-2016 03:01
NO 25-11-2016 17:25
Do the RØDE NT1A please plz. Also do the blue yeti vs yeti pro
Bobby Boucher
Bobby Boucher 25-11-2016 18:07
is that LP shaped guitar baritone ?
Constellation 25-11-2016 11:24
nice one mated
DodderyCobra 20-12-2016 19:51
Why is it that so many of these cheap $20-$30 microphones sound better then the more expensive $100 microphones?
Oscar Monttes
Oscar Monttes 25-11-2016 12:07
Finally not pointing into the sound hole of the guitar haha.
Juan -K-
Juan -K- 25-11-2016 22:34
Samson G track vs Samson c01u pro plzzzz!!!! :'(
Matrix 26-11-2016 11:57
Give me your mics xdd
Myst 25-11-2016 14:58
podcastage can you do the auker mic test